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Is Your Online Business Struggling? Here Is Why!

Is Your Online Business Struggling? Here Is Why!

Struggling to utilize the internet to generate more revenue for your online business? You know you have to but don’t know how to? Here are a few significant reasons we see organizations failing to revenue from the Internet.

Content Strategy

A website and an online marketing campaign without a content strategy is a ship without a rudder. It means an actual plan and strategy behind the content that is driving the online presence is missing. Most businesses fail because they do not put enough effort into content strategy and lack the expertise to develop an effective online content strategy.

It’s Expensive

Most companies do not understand the expense of an online presence. With solutions like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress or Magento themes, there is a misconception that building an online presence or a website is inexpensive or cheap. It’s extremely difficult to build a website or an online presence that has significant business value as it requires both immense expertise and technical knowledge. Most businesses fail because it cost them extensive resources in wasted time or lost an opportunity.

Lack of Experience & Web Knowledge

Trying to succeed at something you don’t know about is extremely difficult. To be up to date with the latest technology you have to follow it and use it consistently. Lacking web knowledge makes it difficult to evaluate what the best options are for your business.

Lack of Time

Although it seems that doing things online should be quick and fast because it is so fast-paced. However, building a business requires a substantial amount of time and preparation. Launching a website in a week or even a few months’ time may not be enough to properly plan for all the content, pages, sitemap, images and many other features.

Underestimating the Timelines

You need to understand that the web is complicated and the timelines for web projects are even more complicated. Many businesses underestimate the timelines and efforts that need to go into a project before starting it. A custom web design project can last 3-5 months if there is heavy e-commerce and customization involved it can take up to a year. For many business owners, months and years seem like a long time but this is a normal timeframe for large or complicated web projects. So it is very important to understand how long projects can take.

Not Preparing for Future Trends

There are many business owners who made the mistake of not investing in a responsive website. You need to understand the fact that part of what makes the web so difficult is not doing which is trending right now, but what is right for the next 5 to 10 years. Preparing for future trends is just as important if not more important than doing what is important right now.

Failing to Look At the Big Picture

Business owners get hung up on one traffic channel like Facebook or SEO because they see it as the next big thing on the web. You need a big-picture strategy to be successful. Relying on one or two traffic channels is too risky and could be a major problem in the future, therefore having a strategy that covers your technology, design, branding, future initiatives, traffic acquisition strategy, conversion optimization, and many more things that are required to be successful on the web is critical for your successful business.

No Traffic Acquisition Strategy

Generating traffic is difficult to do for any website. There are 6 major traffic channels, organic, paid, direct, referral, email, and social. Finding ways to generate more traffic from those channels in a way that is profitable is incredibly hard.

Inability to Create a Good Conversion Rate

If your website doesn’t convert visitors into calls, email leads, in-store sales, or online sales it is unlikely to be a valuable asset for your business.

Lack of Commitment

Becoming successful online takes a lot of time. It can take years before a website became a consistent and useful tool for any business. A domain name takes years to build up SEO value, and it takes years to build up a large social following. And without commitment, there is no way around the fact that it takes a long time to build a successful online presence for your business.

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