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The Best Digital Marketing Tools For Small Business

The Best Digital Marketing Tools For Small Business

The most exciting aspect of digital marketing is how it levels the playing field for new entrepreneurs and small business owners. Gone are the days when millions of dollars were necessary for a marketing budget just to get ahead of your competitors. Digital marketing now offers a high ROI whether you’re actually bootstrapping and investing your time or investing money. Digital marketing also offers great returns for small budgets, there are numerous marketing tools out there that can help take off some workload. These tools are particularly valuable for start-up businesses that don’t have the resources to dedicate a full-time team to in-house marketing, or the budget to outsource digital marketing to an agency.

These tools will ensure your precious time is invested wisely. They can automate repetitive tasks, collects data for you to analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns, and can also help to organize and plan your marketing activities.

1. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free software which provides important insights into what the visitors get up to once they arrive and the number of times they have visited the website. It is best paired with Google Search Console, another free tool that helps you identify problems on your website and optimize it for traffic.

Here are some of the statistics that Google Analytics makes available to you:

  • The total number of visitors that came to your website by day, week, month, or any time period you choose.
  • Where these visitors are coming from – referrals from organic search, social, direct or another website, ads.
  • The keywords people are using to search your website on Google
  • The interests and demographics of your users
  • How much time a visitor spends on your website and which pages are most visited.

All this information is very interesting and vital which can help you to optimize your website and marketing campaigns.

2. Mailchimp

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Email marketing should be a part of your overall strategy, no matter how large or small your business. When a visitor signs up to your mailing list they are basically inviting you into their inbox so you can market them directly and this is why email marketing offers a higher ROI than any marketing method. There are many tools available that offer email marketing services, but Mailchimp is an ideal choice if you have just started or run a small business because the solution remains free until your list hits 2,000 subscribers.

3. Hootsuite

If you are to remain competitive in the marketplace, it’s important to maintain a presence on social media. You may also know that social media can be a huge waste of time, even if you’re using it purely for marketing rather than just to socialize with other people. Luckily there are online tools available that can help you work efficiently and one of them is Hootsuite. This tool provides a management platform for all social media channels you run and allows to schedule your posts in advance.

4. Canva

To grab your readers’ attention, creating high quality and relevant content is not always enough. You need to enhance your content with great visuals. There is an amazing tool that will help you create original and amazing visually appealing content in just a few minutes. Canva is a tool that offers you to upload and polish up your images, or even create brand new. To use this tool, you don’t need to be a graphic artist. With an easy-to-use drag and drop features, Canva provides you with a wide range of photo editing options, colour palettes, font combinations, and custom image sizes suitable for basically every social network.

5. Ahrefs

While old-school SEO was all about the backlink quantity, modern SEO is more about building relevant and organic backlinks. The number of quality links leading to your content, search engines will know how trustworthy and authoritative your website is. For many digital marketers, Ahrefs is one of the best digital marketing tools that provide competitive analysis and the keywords your competitors are ranking for in organic search results, you can find the best keywords ideas, can easily access your backlink data, find content that is relevant to your niche and get alerted whenever your competitors get or lose a backlink. Pretty impressive, isn’t it!

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