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How We Turned Mobile Store Online Into A Money Making Website

How We Turned Mobile Store Online Into A Money Making Website

Mobile Store Online is a UK-based mobile phone repair business with branches in Luton, Loughton, Letchworth and Hitchin areas around London. Yess Digital was asked to execute a web design, web development and multi-channel digital marketing strategy to help increase online sales on

What We Did

Since Mobile Store Online was not making any sales online, we had to come up with a completely new holistic strategy creating a 360-degree solution for the brand. We looked at the competitive mobile phone repair market, geo-location of the branches, research audience and buyer profiles and started implementing a step by step process to turn mobile store online into a money-making website.

Building A New Feature-Packed Website

Every message needs a vessel. We took Mobile Store Online onboard, their existing website was not performing because it wasn’t built with customers’ convenience in mind. We completely rebuild a new website that was focused on improving user experience and offering the convenience of features like online booking for repairs, store locators, product galleries, and more.

Improving Google Search Ranking

The second challenge for Mobile Store was discovery. They were nowhere near page 1 of Google for their top relevant keywords. In a competitive keyword market, we used advance keyword strategies to not only bring their flagship repair services to the top of Google ranking, but we also did for specific geo-locations improving their chances of being found by customers in different search locations where their stores were located.

Online Orders

Based on the above strategy, we created a number of marketing funnels targeting different phone repair models and started attracting a bunch of new customers for the business.


Managing and improving your online presence requires a holistic digital strategy, a feature-packed website, and an effective keyword plan to make money online. With our talented team and hard work, we were able to achieve the desired results for Mobile Store Online.

If your business is struggling to make money online. Contact us today and we would love to learn more about your business and offer you cost-effective solutions that will help transform your brand.

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